Friday, 2 May 2008

No Title Today, Thank You

Apologies for the absence - I have returned to Cambridge and therefore fallen headfirst into the insanity that is Exam Term. And then I got ill, and for two days could barely move, let alone do the ten billion things I needed to do. Rubbish.

I'm in a grraaaaaargh mood today, so no proper update - I'm retiring to bed for a recuperative nap, and then off to Starbucks for more work. And then dinner, and then more work. And then sleep, and more work. And so on FOREVER.

Or more accurately, June 13th.

On the plus side, I just bought a book for 1p. £2.76, actually, if you include postage (it's from Amazon), but there's something rather lovely about buying a book for practically nothing.

Thank god I don't feel like moving, or I know I'd go and do therapeutic book buying, and that will only end in destitution and penury because most books in this town are definitely NOT 1p each. Those £3.99s from Oxfam add up alarmingly quickly. Grrr.


  1. The 1p books add up quickly as well. I went on a budget spending spree at Amazon last week, spending £4.93 on the books, and £18 something or other on the postage.

    Good to see you back though

  2. They've gone up to £3.99 now?

    Well, I suppose they always were a bit pricey there, but that's almost getting to the point of defeating the purpose of charity shop book shopping.

    I used to be very lucky with stuff from the charity shop at the very top of Burleigh Street, on the lefthand side. Don't know if it'll have changed by now, but they always used to have a good selection, mostly for a quid each. Forget which charity it was... Mind, maybe?