Thursday, 15 May 2008

Like the genie in Aladdin...

Swiv, your wish is my command.

Alistair Cook

Michael Vaughan - I wanted a picture of his TEXT-BOOK cover drive but it was NOWHERE

My No. 1 inexplicable crush, Paul Collingwood

And betraying my country somewhat, but...

Brett Lee. He's a scrappy bugger and I love him

Anyone I've missed out?


  1. teehee

    Jonty Rhodes was my first cricket crush.
    Nowadays, Simon Jones is also very pretty :)

  2. I'm with swiv, I used to loooove Jonty Rhodes. I also have a bit of a thing for Jimmy Anderson

  3. Hmm, Jonty Rhodes? Really? But a beautiful cricketer, I admit, ooooh yeah.

    Simon Jones's injuries make me sad. Jimmy Anderson's hair also makes me sad, but for a slightly different reason...