Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hello and Goodbye, Stay-at-Homes!

Dear All.

1. I have returned from Cornwall.

2. I depart in 20 minutes for Wales.

3. I will be back late on Friday.

4. I am now old. Well, 21. Except I feel exactly the same, only I now own approximately six million more books than I did yesterday, including a gorgeous Everyman complete set of Jane Austen, and the Mitford Sisters letters, which I'm taking to Wales.

5. Ta-ta for now.

PS For those that were wondering, I took six fiction books with me to Cornwall, five history books, one biography (Edna St Vincent Millay), and a Latin grammar and dictionary. Pretty good, huh? And then I watched a lot of Olympics and Top Gear and read only half of them. Less good.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Hello all!

Apologies for general silence these past few days: I've had posts planned, I just haven't got round to writing them up.

And now, I'm off to Cornwall! Hurrah hurrah hurrah! No internet though, hurroo. But I'm planning to blog anyway, just not, you know, on the web. Log? Hmm.

ANYWAY I will be keeping a journal, and I will post such gobbets as seem worthy of your time and attention when I'm back in two weeks.

Two weeks! Bliss!

Ta-ta for now.

PS guess how many books I'm taking with me. Go on, guess.