Saturday, 31 May 2008

I before E, except after C...

Further to last week's post about spelling, I've been procrastinating with this charming game. Brilliant, of course, and much more interesting than the Population-Resources Model.

Except then I got to the end of the first game and it says "JOIN NOW!" and so I clicky on the linky, and it says INFORMATION PLEASE and one part of the information needed is PARENT'S EMAIL and SCHOOL CODE and I realise that I was celebrating the trouncing of someone who is probably ten years younger than I am (that they were asking APPROXIMATE on the hardest setting, rather than something like ZYGOTE let alone SESQUIPIDALIAN, should perhaps have tipped me off), and probably not a Cambridge undergraduate, and certainly not able to touch-type. So essentially, it was the equivalent of my beating a five year old in a wrestling match. I feel much less triumphant, as you can imagine.

Especially when the next game I played was against a child in China. I felt like a bully AND inadequate at the same time.

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  1. But have you won all your games since? Even worse than beating a five year old is losing to one....