Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar for a Sunny Sunday

I have a post about nineteenth century authors all planned, as well as this month's week's Beautiful Person, but they'll have to wait. I wanted to write a post with a few pieces of GOOD news, to counteract the bad that continues to dominate.

Firstly, from yesterday's Guardian, a story about the local communities who are buying up their local shops or pubs after they are forced to close: brilliant.

Secondly, the England women's cricket team win the World Cup! Congratulations to Charlotte Edwards and her team for overcoming a batting collapse and going on to win by four wickets. (I'm not going to think about how little coverage there has been of their phenomenal run of success - or even of their loss against Australia on Thursday).

Thirdly, an example of how a little courtesy, and a little humanity, can have a huge effect, from medicblog999. (I can very much recommend reading so-called "professional blogs" - they make for depressing reading a lot of the time, but they are also very informative and interesting. Random Acts of Reality is a good place to start)

And fourthly, a story from my own life - a year or so ago, I was walking home from the tube at about 11.30 at night. Every so often I get a burst of energy on my way home, and often I run down the hill - not for long, I'm too unfit! This time, I was running along happily, and as I crossed a side-street, the woman who had stopped for me caught my eye and mouthed "Are you all right?" with a little query-thumbs-up look. I smiled and nodded, and ran on. And I am so unbelievably grateful to that woman, and moved - because I might not have been all right. And we hear so many stories about people not interfering, that to experience the opposite was reassuring, and touching.

Finally, a picture that I think is rather fab:

From a competition to design a new ad campaign for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, via What Possessed Me

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