Tuesday, 25 November 2008

To arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time

I have the wanderlust again. That itch beneath my skin - bizarrely, right now, strongest in my cheeks - and the twitch in the muscles of my legs that says Get up, you lump, get up and GO."

I'm hoping that skiing and Madrid this winter (ooh, jet-setty miss!) will put the real burn on hold a little, at least for the six months it'll take to get my release papers from this place. But then? I have fifteen months or so before I'll be expected to rock up here or here. Fifteen months in which I need to earn money, but I also want to go somewhere. Anywhere.

Ideally, I want to earn money somewhere else. The thought of living in London for the foreseeable future is pretty claustrophobic right now. I want to live in a different city, a different town, a different country. Not for long - I don't have long. But just for a bit. Right now, I'm thinking Edinburgh, Dublin, York - but I'm open to suggestions.

So all of you, tell me - where have you lived and loved it? Where would you recommend for a fairly poor graduate to settle for a few months? Areas to head for/avoid? And any bright ideas for jobs while there - send 'em my way. And ask your friends.

I'll be here. I'm not going anywhere for a while yet.


  1. I like both Edinburgh and Glasgow - but if I were you I'd try and get a working visa and scoot off to Australia and New Zealand to live and work for a year.

  2. I was downcast when I first read your post, because for some reason I was convinced that you can only get one working visa to Oz and I got one when I went over during my gap year (didn't use it in the end, decided to travel for the whole time). And then I looked at the info on the website, and it doesn't say anywhere about only being allowed one.

    And since then, I can't stop thinking about it. Sydney, for preference - I liked Melbourne but Sydney just felt right. I keep thinking of all the places I loved in that city, and wanting to go back NOW. The question now is, is it worth it? And will I be able to get a job? And where on earth will I get the money for the plane ticket?

  3. Edinburgh. I've never loved anywhere more.

    (Although I recommend the wilds of Tanzania for a year, if you can.)

  4. Yes it's worth it. Yes you'll find a job. Yes you'll find money for a plane ticket, from somewhere.

    The important thing when you've got the wanderlust is to just GO; somewhere, anywhere, the location is not that important or even how long you're away! All you need is a change of scene.

    Do weeny weekend adventures while you're saving up for the big one. I had wanderlust bad when I lived in London and I soothed it by embarking on regular Sunday afternoon Travelcard Odysseys to far-flung corners of the tube map. It soothed the itch and got me fired up for going round-the-world.

    I'd recommend New Zealand but I would say that wouldn't I? :)

  5. i adore that picture !! nice blog

  6. Or, another idea (though I have no idea about deadlines) - how about something like JET (english teaching in Japan) - they pay you pretty well, and you get to live somewhere else for a year.

  7. Hannah - I'm seriously considering Edinburgh now, although not sure how to go about it! Still, job-hunting/flat-hunting is still fresh and novel to me, so shouldn't be TOO much of a drag, unless it takes a while to sort out.

    Weasel, my love - I think I'm going to get myself a piggy bank and just start saving, see where that takes me. It'll be good to have a goal. And even if I end up eating nothing but noodles and porridge and living in a garret - well, it's be an experience, eh? As for New Zealand - I adore the country, still the most consistently beautiful and mind-blowing place I've been, but I prefer Sydney to any of the New Zealand cities, unfortunately.

    MR Style - Hi! Welcome! Thanks very much - the photo is one I took when I was in Australia in 2006, of an Outback road between Adelaide and Alice Springs (Southern Australia). I couldn't believe how straight the road was, and for how long!

  8. WHAT new zealand cities?! civilised countries have railway links to their international airports... ;)

    hope you're having fun on the snow.