Sunday, 19 October 2008

So we know that words are powerful, and evocative, and resonant. Emily Dickinson knew exactly what she was doing when talked about "Cavalries - of love".

So why did Tony Blair think it a good idea to say the Black Watch would be home by Christmas in 2004?

And why certain Republicans still bandy around the term "Un-American"?

Do they not know the associations they are evoking? Or maybe, in the case of the Republicans, they don't care.

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  1. I think the Palin-esque Wing on the Republican party have not read Cicero's Philippics and don't know the dangers inherent in driving their opponents out of the public discourse by calling them 'UnAmerican'. Heads on Stakes, People. It's not Good.

    They get the power of words - they use them powerfully. It's just that they are so convinced that they are right that they give themselves the licence to do this, and can't countenance other perspectives.

    It's not good for Amnerica, or the world. But my thesis has a whole lot of new footnotes.