Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Welcome to the world, Baby Girl!

Firstly, a hundred million congratulations to the wonderful Patroclus and James for the birth of their daughter, for now named, appositely, the Blue Kitten. Patroclus was the first ever grown-up blog I read, and I fell a little bit in love with her, reading her entire blog from start to finish (it took me about four days), and laughing a lot with embarassing snorting noises because I was trying not to (I was in the library a lot in those days), but also nodding sagely because she is so very wise. And she made me want to start my own grown-up blog, which I did*, and periodically made my own efforts feel paltry and vapid, but in A GOOD WAY.

And James? James was responsible (among others) for Green Wing, and this is just the greatest ever thing anyone can achieve in my opinion, except he then goes on and writes a brilliant, funny, geeky blog which always makes me smile and often makes me think.

So combine the two, and I think the Blue Kitten is going to be truly fearsome force in the blogosphere, and, probably, life. So lets all point and say things at her while she still can't talk and overshadow us with her brilliance.

Anyway. Welcome to the world, baby girl, and if Mum and Dad ever want a holiday, I'm happy to house- and baby-sit, although don't ask me to blog for them, because that'd just be stupid.



  1. Hear, hear.

    She's going to be a sharp little Kitten, that one.

  2. Aww, thank you Semaphore, that's very lovely. As soon as the Kitten (her real name is Eliza) learns to unfurl her fingers we'll be setting her up with her own Blogger ID, don't you worry.

    PS 'paltry and vapid' my arse. Your blog is excellent and always makes me feel like I should have read much, much more.