Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hello and Goodbye, Stay-at-Homes!

Dear All.

1. I have returned from Cornwall.

2. I depart in 20 minutes for Wales.

3. I will be back late on Friday.

4. I am now old. Well, 21. Except I feel exactly the same, only I now own approximately six million more books than I did yesterday, including a gorgeous Everyman complete set of Jane Austen, and the Mitford Sisters letters, which I'm taking to Wales.

5. Ta-ta for now.

PS For those that were wondering, I took six fiction books with me to Cornwall, five history books, one biography (Edna St Vincent Millay), and a Latin grammar and dictionary. Pretty good, huh? And then I watched a lot of Olympics and Top Gear and read only half of them. Less good.

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