Friday, 4 April 2008


Miss me?

So I'm all back and in one piece, hurrah hurrah, although without my towel, which appears to have taken a death plunge from our window sill, where it was airing, into the canal below during yesterday's Daily Really Exciting Storm (tm). Can't be too cross, though, because since when has dropping something from your bedroom window resulted in losing it in a canal? Never, is when, except for if you're in Venice, when such bizarrities are seemingly daily occurrences.

They also have ambulances which are boats. This shouldn't have surprised us but it did. Because it is REALLY COOL. Not only that, there are fireboats, as in boats which put out fires, but this led, after the requisite shock and awe, to the as yet unsolved mystery of where they put the ladder. At least you're guaranteed water, and don't have to worry about finding one of them hydrant malarkeys.

Anyway, enough inane ramblings, I'm off for a bath.


  1. I love Venice, and I'm very envious of your trip. My mother managed to drown her handbag, complete with passport, phone etc when she stepped off a taxi. Luckily the 'driver'? was obviously used to tourists and fished it out really quickly.

  2. I love Venice too! I loved to look at all those gondolas, vaporettos, airport taxis, police boats and especially a family of 8 persons messing around madly in a small rowning boat in the middle of everything.
    I kind of liked the highways built on the laguna as well...

  3. Venice is a world of ace. I adore going and getting lost in the tiny alleys of Dorsoduro with my camera.

  4. Chatterbox: I'm sure it's easy to do...

    Taiga: Oooh, it was fantastic, really - so very very different from anything I know. And that lagoon, which I'd love to sail on although I'm sure I'd blunder across one of those channels and annoy everyone.

    Swiv: it was fabby getting deliberately lost, wandering in what we knew was the right direction, and only getting the map out occasionally. If only I'd had my big camera with me, but it's so very big, and the lens is so rubbish (can't afford a better one at the mo, which breaks my heart...)