Friday, 29 February 2008

Curtain Twitchers


Except for them at The Drudge Report, who seem to have gone to the Anna Mikhailova School of Journalism.

Perhaps that's a little unfair of me. Make that incredibly unfair. I think that journalists are amazing people: patient, dedicated, focussed, and scarily good at turning copy around. Thank God for journalists when you've got an evil corporation screwing people over or when a massacre is covered up or when government statements are bearing increasing resemblance to Soviet propaganda. But there are the other sort - Anna Mikhailova and Matt Drudge among them - and a more smug, manipulative, malicious, shit-stirring bunch of malcontents you couldn't find anywhere. Why was it necessary to break the media blackout about Prince Harry? Where was the public interest? It was kept quiet because making it common knowledge would have put other people at risk, and because it is a sensitive issue, having a royal fighting in an unpopular, controversial war. But no, those self-satisfied bastards had to pull the "I know something you don't know" trick, and you know what, guys? It's no more mature now than when you did it in the playground.


In less rage-filled news, Prince Harry's voice is surprisingly deep and amusingly like Prince Charles (probably to be expected, I spose). And he is adorably inarticulate.

And in less embarassing, shallow news, I owe you many many posts. Next up, The Literary Adaptation For Telly. Quake, mortals, and quiver!

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